Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013; A year to remember

Assalamualaikum, Hi,

So it's a new year and a new beginning for this blog. Since this is not my main blog, don't expect me to post as much as in my main blog (10 posts in 2012).

Actually, I have trouble keeping up my writing with my studies. Jumping from one topic to others in order to feed my curiosity (read: OCD), I've learn a lot, but I tend to forgot. It had come to the point where sometime I'm repeating myself relearning the same topic all over again, instead of spending my valuable time to study something else.

So, one of the improvement I hope to see this year (not a resolution), I'll try to keep updating this blog along my studies. I hope someday this blog contents will help me to refresh my memory,and hopefully can benefit others too!

So for starters, these are list of random things I planned to write from top of my head:
  1. Blender
  2. Ogre3d
  3. BulletPhysic
  4. Python
OK, let start with those..

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